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World-class facility

The Golden Pass LNG berth area is large enough to hold 77 football fields.

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The Golden Pass LNG Terminal construction, completed in 2010, required almost as much concrete as Houston's Reliant Stadium.

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When converted to its liquid form, natural gas occupies about 600 times less space than it does in its gas form.

The Q-Max, or Qatar Max, is the largest LNG carrier class in the world.  The amount of fuel a Q-Max carries can light up to 7,000 homes for one full year.

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Golden Pass is committed to safety, the environment and the community.

Recently, Golden Pass participated in Energy Day 2013 in Houston to educate the public about LNG and natural gas.

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First Cargo

The Al Khuwair Q-Flex LNG carrier, the first LNG carrier to arrive at the Golden Pass LNG import terminal

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The Golden Pass LNG Terminal near Sabine Pass, Texas, is a joint venture formed by affiliates of three of the world’s largest and most experienced oil and gas companies: Qatar Petroleum (70%), ExxonMobil (17.6%) and ConocoPhillips (12.4%). Among the largest terminals in the world, the Golden Pass LNG Terminal is capable of importing approximately 2 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day through its dual berth ship docks. READ MORE