Golden Pass LNG maintains a long-term commitment to Sabine Pass, Port Arthur and the greater Southeast Texas area, and worked in close partnership to deliver a world-class LNG terminal.

Golden Pass employees educate children about natural gas uses at Energy Day 2013 in Houston.

In addition, Golden Pass LNG is committed to supporting economic development in the area by employing local people. At peak construction, Golden Pass LNG employed more than 1,000 workers and utilized numerous local workers, suppliers, vendors and subcontractors. Now, the terminal has about 80 full-time employees and continues to utilize numerous local suppliers, vendors and subcontractors.

Golden Pass LNG takes particular pride in its relationship built on trust and respect with the Sabine Pass community, the heart of the local area. A special effort has been made to ensure a lasting, positive impact on the Sabine Pass community, including funding of a new community center, local United Way contributions,  support of the local public school and support of the McFaddin Beach cleanup efforts, including trash pickup and the annual Kid Fish event. In 2008, Golden Pass LNG played an important role in the Hurricane Ike recovery efforts, helping the community move forward. After Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Golden Pass established a fund to assist local groups in rebuilding our community after the devastating storm.

Golden Pass LNG is very appreciative of the support from the local community and is looking forward to continuing this valuable relationship as a good corporate neighbor.

Port Arthur & Jefferson County
The Golden Pass LNG Terminal sits approximately 10 miles south of Port Arthur, Texas, a city located 90 miles east of Houston on the Texas gulf coast. With about 60,000 residents, the city contains three major refineries and has a large, diversified and talented workforce.

The city of Port Arthur is within Jefferson County in Southeast Texas, a subregion of East Texas. Jefferson County has a population of about 250,000 and its economy is driven by the petrochemical industry - the county is home to over 50 major industrial facilities. The man-made Sabine Neches waterway in the county is maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and is traversed by around 2,000 ships each year.

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Sabine Pass
The Golden Pass LNG Terminal is located a few miles from Sabine Pass, Texas, a vibrant, close-knit community of about 600 people. Established in 1839, the town is the natural outlet of Sabine Lake into the Gulf of Mexico and borders Jefferson County, Texas, and Cameron Parish, Louisiana. In 1978, the former community of Sabine was annexed to become a part of the City of Port Arthur, Texas, located approximately 15 minutes away.

Sabine Pass suffered significant damage from Hurricane Ike in 2008 and was devastated by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Golden Pass employees dilligently volunteered to help the community recover. Today, Sabine Pass is an ideal location for bird watchers and outdoorsmen as well as a home to beaches, marshes, wildlife, the commercial fishing industry, and several major oil and gas companies. Located along one of few deep water ports on the Gulf Coast, Sabine Pass' convenient waterway access and existing pipeline infrastructure - with access to Southeast Texas and U.S. markets - make it ideal for transporting LNG.

The focal point and spirit of Sabine Pass is the Sabine Pass School. Many of the community members devote their time to the school, working and volunteering.

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Sabine Pass ISD